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Have you ever experienced being ridiculed for being overweight? Have you ever felt so violated after people bullied you because of your body mass? If you have had this hurtful experience in the past, you need not worry. You are among the millions of people worldwide who have been criticized and humiliated because of their weight.

Nevertheless, having an abnormal weight level is something you should not worry about too much. Regular exercise and diet are the basic steps that could help you achieve your goal of losing weight. However, if you are among the people who have experienced difficulties in maintaining the said habits, various dietary supplements are readily available everywhere. One of the most effective compounds that have recently been discovered is the extract obtained from green coffee. This article will primarily discuss the documented history, proper amount of dosages and available sources of green coffee extract. This will also explain whether or not green coffee extract can be considered as a reasonable substitute for natural weight loss methods.

Utilizing coffee extract in weight loss started when people discovered that unroasted coffee beans have nutritional compounds that can highly benefit a person’s health. The normal habitats of these trees are usually located around the equator. The berries that coffee trees produce are normally processed in order to remove the fruit from the seeds and improve the quality and taste of the material.

The discovery of the potential of green coffee extract in promoting weight loss started in 2011 when a scientist named Dr. Joe Vinson conducted an experiment in order to determine the effect of administering varying amounts of the extract among 16 participants. Results showed that the subjects who took the extract lost a few pounds as compared to the control group. From then on, several other studies have been conducted in order to verify the results.

Because the study has just been conducted recently, the scope of information is still limited. Nevertheless, if you want to try the effectiveness of this product, you have to make sure that you have an intake of the right amount of dose. Capsules have varying amounts of dosage, but most capsules are sold at 800 mg that are taken twice a day. You should make sure that you follow the right dosage, because if you do otherwise, it could lead to unforeseen side effects.

Looking for green coffee extracts has become readily available through various forms of marketing. Herbal stores that focus on selling medicinal plants are starting to be seen in various establishments. An increasing number of companies are being recognized for the manufacture of green coffee bean extract. If you do not have access to any of these, you can also try legitimate advertisements that are posted online.

After reading the content posted above, you may wonder about whether or not green coffee extract is sufficient to replace proper diet and exercise. Some scientists claim that regular intake can suffice for short-term weight loss. Nevertheless, it has not been proven to manifest results in the long run. Hence, it is advisable that you do not completely rely on this supplement to provide instant results.

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